#Picnic Club [intro] Good Picnic Spots in Barcelona

What is “Picnic Club” exactly, Rumi?

I love going to a park.  For walking around, chatting with friends, taking some photos, refreshing… and picnicking.  After I had already been to so many famous sightseeing places in Barcelona two years ago, last year (I mean now, second time that I came to this city) was “the most-memorable-picnickest year” for me.  I think the activity that I have done in Barcelona most is picnic.  And I thought it is a good chance to share my picnic tips with people.

IMG_1611 (Large).JPG

With this #Picnic Club tag, I will share some spots which I found and thought good to enjoy picnic in Barcelona.  This #Picnic Club will help :

  • Those tourist who wish to do “something cool” apart from an ordinary guide book
  • Those who are sick of walking with other random tourists in crowded places
  • Those who love activity in nature, or who want to feel healthy even if you are not
  • Those who have a lot of time and bored, however have no money (ex. poor university students and workers before payday)
  • Those Instagrammers who want to use #picnic #chill #nature or whatever hashtags

Do you find yourself in this list?  Great!  Let’s move on.  By the way, why do I love picnic so much and recommend it to people?  Here are 3 reasons why I love picnic.

Why do you love picnic, Rumi?

1. Super easy

You don’t have to prepare many things for picnic.  You just need food, drink, mat or towel for sit down (it is even optional, as long as you are not obsessed with cleanliness or the place you go has some benches, maybe you don’t need it!) and friends (it is also optional but if you have some good friends to chill out with, it will always be a good time).

2. Super cheap

You can have fun without spending any money but just grabbing your snacks out from kitchen and sharing them with your friends.  It’s not a fancy party, you don’t have to cook well nor a lot amount.  You can just bring fruits, sandwich, chips, canned food, cookies… whatever in your fridge.  Even if you desperately don’t have money for buy anything, it may be okay.  If your friend is nice, he/she will bring something.  (So in this case, you may need a good friend.)

3. Super relaxed

Picnic is very relaxed activity.  You just eat, talk (you don’t even have to talk if you don’t feel like), lie down on the grass, breath fresh air, play cards or walk around.  But basically, you don’t have to do anything but relax.  I always just walk around, eat, sit and chill out with friends.  You can just lazy around.



Those are my tips for a good picnic and that’s all for today.  Are you excited already?  Well, now you are ready to picnic!

Prepare your sandwich and don’t miss the next #Picnic Club!


*Thank you for reading!  Share, like and feel free to leave your comment!




  1. 고바 · January 15, 2017

    When will you come back to Japan?


    • hiitsmerumi · January 15, 2017

      Beginning of February, quite soon! Excuse me but, who are you? (I am sorry I can’t read Korean… 😛 )


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