#Picnic Club [1] Parc de Montjuïc

Parc de Montjuïc is one of a good places to picnic.  There is a lot of trees and plants, shade and fresh wind.  It is actually a big hill, but you will feel like walking in a forest or a mountain.  And also there are many museums around this place (Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, Museum of the Foundation Joan Miró, Museu Etnològic de Barcelona, etc.), so before or after picnic you can also go there and learn history or art of Barcelona too.

What is good thing to do?

You can just walk around, that’s it, and you can enjoy more than enough.  Parc de Montjuïc is huge and actually you will take a lot of time to see all of the part.  (I still haven’t see all of the park.)  While you walk around, you will find a little garden, good benches, brooks, small pond, museums, good lawn and good shade for picnic.

IMG_1731 (Large).JPG

On the top of the hill there is Montjuïc castle.  Normally you have to pay 5€ entrance (there are discounts for some conditions), but it is free every sundays after 3 p.m.  In the castle there is also a history museum of itself.  And the best thing is a view from the top of the castle.  You can look around all of Barcelona and also you can see the deep blue sea with fresh wind.  So my recommendable plan for this place is, waking up late on sunday morning, going up the hill slowly, finding a good shade to take a rest, and after 3 p.m. you can go to the castle.

IMG_1587 (Large).JPG

IMG_1448 (Large).JPG

How to get there?

It is in Montjuïc area.  The nearest metro station is Espanya (Line 3, color green).  Parc de Montjuïc is located near the plaza Espanya, one of a big squares in the city.  When you go out the station, you will see two big towers.  And over these towers, you will see a big building and fountain, which is Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya and the Magic Fountain.  You can walk to there and start picnic to the top of the park.  But actually it takes time to go to the top of the park on foot, so you can also take a city bus from a bus stop near those towers, and it takes you directly to the top of the park and castle (bus number 150).  Better use the bus if you take your parents or grandparents, or simply if you are lazy.

Basic info of Montjuïc castle:   http://ajuntament.barcelona.cat/castelldemontjuic/en

Extra info

In summer season, there will be Sala Montjuïc, which is an open-air cinema event in a big lawn area of the castle.  It will last only for one month, but you can enjoy picnic and movies at the same time.  As it is held on the top of the hill, even in middle of summer there is fresh air and in evening you will need a jacket.  I went to this event twice but its atmosphere was so relaxed, calmed and amazing.  Bring your food and share with your mates, lie down on the lawn and feel the wind and enjoy a movie with big screen in the dark.

Sala Montjuïc official web : http://salamontjuic.org/en/   (Information is still for 2016, I hope there will be a new one in next summer!)


Enjoy your picnic in Parc de Montjuïc, and don’t miss the next #Picnic Club!

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  1. Alberto · January 21, 2017

    Yo fui a ver “Relatos Salvajes”!
    No te vi! Dónde estabas??


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