Let me say that, coffee is a part of my blood.  With a good cup of coffee, I can start a good day in the morning or have a good break in the afternoon.  And I suppose it’s kind of common sense and many of you guys also drink coffee as “gasoline” for your body.

Near my Spanish language school, there was a small café-bar which many students and teachers went to get a cup of coffee during a break time, and of course I was also one of them.  (By the way, the price of coffee is very cheap in Spain and which is one of my favorite things there!)



They make very good coffee, furthermore employees and atmosphere of the café is great, so there are always full of people who want coffee before they go to work.  The employees are always only 3 or 4 people, so they don’t stop moving in that small café : taking a lot of orders, preparing and washing so many cups at the same time, making sandwiches, serving food and drinks quickly to tables… their move is incredibly fast and there isn’t any wasted motion, as if they are high-tech robots.  (I’m not even exaggerating it, they are so professional!)  However, they never forget giving customers a nice smile and saying “hola cariño!” or “how is your work going?”


In that café, I always bought “café con leche”, a cup which contains half of strong coffee and half of milk.  And as I love cinnamon, I always ask them, “un poco de canela, por favor? (a little bit of cinnamon, please?)”  Because I had been ordered this “Rumi’s special cup” every morning and maybe my green-colored hair also helped a bit, they remembered me after some weeks.  (I imagine it would be like “that green-haired cinnamon freak girl.”)

I really loved their coffee, it made me feel relaxed and refreshed in sleepy morning.  And as I went to that café more times, I also came to love those employees.  Once I realized that I went there every morning because I wanted to say hi to them, not only for my coffee.  They don’t even know my name, but they always welcomed me with a warm smile and saying “good morning my green friend!  Café con leche, right?”


At the last day of the school, of course I went to that café and told them it would be my last time for buying their coffee.  They gave me kiss and hug so kindly.  One of them put a lot of cinnamon in my cup even I didn’t ask it, and said to me with a wink, “I already remember you.”


Living in other country makes you feel lonely sometimes.  But I got somewhere I can feel that I’m welcomed to the city and people.


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  1. Alberto · February 4, 2017

    Una historia preciosa…


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