#Picnic Club [2] Bunkers del Carmel

If you are an active person and looking for somewhere good to feel refreshed in Barcelona, Bunkers del Carmel should be added in your next excursion list!  It is located on a high place, and it is like a hill with a mountain trail in a residential area.  (Actually, I don’t recommend this place to people who don’t want to walk a lot or when you are extremely tired.  But it’s gonna be a good exercise and also amazing thing is waiting at the top!)


What is good thing to do?

The best thing of Bunkers del Carmel is its view from the top.  You can see all of the city and famous architectures such as Sagrada Familia, Torre Agbar and also an unique structure of the city which seems a labyrinth.  In the early morning, many people do yoga in this place.  I went to a yoga activity in Bunkers del Carmel once and it was a very good place to do it, with fresh wind and sky, the bright morning sun and the fabulous view.  (Tips: there are many people who love yoga in this city and if you search on Meetup or such, you can easily find so many groups which offer yoga meet-up at a quite low price or even free.  Actually I’m not a yoggy person but I found this event from Meetup.)


*This photo was taken by someone I met there but I don’t know his name, thanks anyway!


Not only yoga, of course you can’t forget about picnic too!  There are always many people enjoy picnicking.  It is surrounded 360° with a view of the city, so you can find your favorite place to sit down and take a rest.  In the evening, there are more people who want to see the beautiful sunset from there.



When you go down Bunkers, you will find a way with many trees and plants.  You can enjoy walking down the hill seeing a cool view with nature.  If you are a photographer, it is a good place to take cool photos, with a combination of green and the city.



How to get there?

The nearest subway station is El Carmel (Line 5, color blue) and it takes to Bunkers about 15~20 on foot from the station.  There are so many slopes and steps in this area, so going on foot from the subway station is not recommendable for those who have a difficulty for walking.  However there is also city bus which takes you nearer to the place, so you can use it and it would be much easier to get there (bus number 86 or 119).


Have a good picnic at Bunkers del Carmel, and don’t miss the next #Picnic Club!


*Thank you for reading!  Share, like and feel free to leave your comment!



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