Sarcasm.  (If you don’t know the word, google it first.)

One of a difficulties in my whole life is to get the joke in a conversation.  I am always suffering from it.  And especially, sarcasm is one of my new problems that I have found after I came to Spain.   Read More


“Do You Watch Anime?”

I have a lot of friends here in Barcelona, very good friends.  Some are Spanish, some are Japanese and many of them are from different countries all over the world.  And sometimes people ask me this typical question that I don’t really like Read More

Ni-hao Attack

This theme is one thing I have really really wanted to share with people since I came to Barcelona.

When I am walking in a street or a supermarket or whatever else, sometimes people talk to me “ni-hao (你好),” which means “Hola” in Chinese.  At the time when I have just arrived in Barcelona, I didn’t like that people said to me ni-hao because I am not Chinese.  I always replied like Read More

“That Besos”

If you are Spanish, read this, but please don’t feel bad about me. PLEASE.

If you are a foreigner who is still “suffering” how to greet Spanish people in Spanish way, let’s suffer with me.

Yes, I am still not used to that Spanish habit of greeting. Read More

Hi it’s me, Rumi

Hi everyone! Or maybe… ¡Hola todos!

This is Rumi.

I am a human, an ordinary girl from Japan.

I am studying Spanish and now I am living in Barcelona, Spain.

As I have so much free time (alright to be honest, I am always bored and have nothing to do after class), I have decided to start this blog.

I will write whatever I feel in daily life here in Spain and share them with you guys!

I will mainly write in English for everyone can understand, but maybe sometimes I will write in Spanish and Japanese too!  And I am not native English speaker so please understand my broken English, Thanks 🙂


Welcome to world of weirdness!